April 2016

Next we spread out limestones, large and small ones, and evened them out

with a roller. Sonia surrounded the house with what was left of the stones.

All done !

~ ~ ~ ~

20 April to 20 June 2016

In between we make a little excursion to Florida, where we

discover "the Three Musketeers", and also meet "Snakey" !...

~ ~ ~ ~

July 2016

But let's get back to work in France. Several new projects keep us busy:

painting all interior doors, new furniture for the terrace, more cabinets in

the dressing, and a brand new shoe-rack! Are we great, or what?...

~ ~ ~ ~

We install vertical partial fly screens in the sliding windows, curtain holders

(which in French are called "Embrasses"), a large flower planter in the entry,

and we add a (very welcome) ceiling fan in the family room


~ ~ ~ ~

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