February 2016

We have been rather busy since my last update.

We put up the paintings, made a temporary roof cover for the shed,

and made more cabinets. We received our open veranda (called a Pergola),

and stored it temporaily in the garage, until we get better weather to install it.

~ ~ ~ ~

Ahem, by the time we discovered that the constructor had forgotten

to hook up our sewer, we were literally in deep sh...

But as a compensation, while digging up the dirt,

he managed to rip our water line...

~ ~ ~ ~

Remarkable: in between we were visited by a very close-knitted family

of some 50 caterpillars, linked in a chain. Never seen this before!


~ ~ ~ ~

Oh well, back to the galleys...

We decorated the rooms, installed a "Trompe-l'oeil" picture in the

night hall, and added additional cupboards in the laundry/pantry.

~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~

And now we're waiting for better weather, so that we can tackle

our Pergola. Now combine a lot of rain with the ditch being obstructed

by our sewer-story, and this is what you get...

Fortunately, we built our house about 3 feet higher !

~ ~ ~ ~

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