January 2016

We constinue installing more stuff, the computer works again,

we build closets and cabinets, and in between

the heating gets repaired 2 more times...

~ ~ ~ ~

The garden shed is delivered - on a clumsy 2,000 lbs. pallet -

so we unpack it and temporarily store it in the garage.

Which starts to look like the Webster Flea Market...

~ ~ ~ ~

But no sweat (literally then, because it now freezes at night)...

Our next job is to build the garden shed, in order to unclutter the garage.

But easier said than done; how are we going to move all that dead weight

to the rear of the garden and across that sticky mud ? We did...

~ ~ ~ ~

We finished the shed before a series of rainstorms interrupted us,

but of course my car got stuck in the mud and had to be pulled out

with a tractor. And no, I haven't got any pictures of that precious event...

~ ~ ~ ~

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