December 2015

I'm fed up with the endless waiting,

so I get other subcontractors to do the kitchen mosaics

and move the water softener into the garage.

Lots of room in the laundry now !

~ ~ ~ ~

The "heating" story...

It takes 3 men 4 hours to get the system to work,

and then it stops and simply fails after 10 minutes !

More angry phone calls...

~ ~ ~ ~

But we shall overcome !

The electric installation is finished, the heating works (after 4 more tries...),

the stolen kitchen appliances are replaced, and the crown molding is finished.

Time to bring in more stuff, and turn our attention to other details...

~ ~ ~ ~

The soil and landfill we got saddled with consists of fat and heavy CLAY;

which means like concrete in the summer,

sticky mud in the winter, and next to impossible to shape or level !

To even out the lawn somewhat we rented a compactor.

~ ~ ~ ~

We move more things into the garage,

and organize it to receive even more "stuff"...

~ ~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~ ~