November 2015

Time to move some "stuff" into our new home.

We're installing a rack in the garage

~ ~ ~ ~

We have the lot plowed and seed a lawn,

after which the land will be compacted

~ ~ ~ ~

but a day later, we get uninvited guests over the floor: BURGLARY !

The thieves forced a terrace sliding door,

and helped themselves to all the stuff they could get their hands on...

Which means tons of paperwork and phone calls, police,

insurance claims, re-ordering of missing items, repairs, etc.

But at least the interior was not further vandalized.

~ ~ ~ ~

November 20th

The heating system has been installed (but it doesn't work yet...),

and the electric is connected (after a mere 3 months),

so that the shades can be lowered.

Or "closing the barn door after the horse got out"...

~ ~ ~ ~

December 2015

The subcontractors abandon us again, but finally the sanitary

installation is finished (a few bugs pending...),

and the electric installation moves (slowly) forward.

So we go to work on the Crown molding. As usual, I put the darn

things up, and leave the finicky caulking and painting to Sonia...

~ ~ ~ ~

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