August 2015

We just keep on painting, and painting, and painting...

Garage, laundry, kitchen, living, entry, 4 beds,

dressing, 2 baths, and 2 WC's.

This is our temporary "Relaxation and Smoking Room"...

~ ~ ~ ~

and here is the future kitchen

~ ~ ~ ~

Now there is a story here !

Imagine running out of (yellow) paint. You'd think "Just get some more"

- aha, but this is France ! - We ordered it, and they would call us.

Two weeks later, still no call and no paint... So we called the store,

but their response was "don't call us, we'll call you"...

Nosing around in their store, I actually found the paint IN the shelves.

Really ? - I'm sorry, we must have mislaid your order...

Oh well, this is the last stretch !

~ ~ ~ ~

Over and done with the paint already !

This tremendous painting job did take a lot out of my dear spouse...

~ ~ ~ ~

September 2015

Hooking up to the sewer

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