The VIEW AMERICA series of travel books

by Paul Frederick

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Our American Dream was a thorough exploration of North America, and more specifically the United States and Canada. During eight years, we traveled all over the US and Canada with our Recreational Vehicle to explore, to admire and to marvel.

Then I sat down and started writing. Only later did I realize that this turned out to become a gigantic project, with some 1,300 pages of text and 2,200 pictures, maps and images...

My stories are not the traditional travel stories or travelogues, but rather a compilation of the many points of interest and remarkable things that we encountered during our exploration. In each state we explored the historical background, general overview, sights and landscapes, buildings and architecture, and the most important points of interest. We looked for grace, elegance and creativity, and sometimes found real pearls of incredible accomplishments. I did my best to describe the extraordinary beauty of the Homeland, that is so often taken for granted.

In every state, province or country there is something special to see, either points of interest or exceptional vistas. It is simply impossible to enumerate all of the sights, and furthermore every visitor has his or her own opinion on what is interesting or not. Therefore my descriptions are personal experiences, and undoubtedly there must be countless other beautiful and interesting things to see.

Amazingly enough, there doesn't seem to be any national website that provides a general overview and an unbiased description of all the major points of interest, sights, and simply interesting things that can be found. Many, if not all individual states and provinces of course praise their own local wonders, but usually from a more commercial point of view.

My View America series of travel e-books presents a non-commercial description of the main sights and tourist attractions of the 48 continental U.S. states, with lots of pictures but without any mention of lodging, restaurants or entertainment, except where these interact with the narrative. Since we haven't explored Hawaii and Alaska, there is no description of their points of interest, although I did include an overview and a brief history.

cartoon : died behind his computer...Each state has its own detailed description, and where possible it is seasoned with additional facts, which I usually discovered on the spot. Sometimes my information may clash with the touristic story, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Also, in order to present a better framework, I start each overview with a brief historical background. Once more, that may not always correspond with the "official" version that you'll find in the history books, but just blame that on my bad disposition...

After having written these many webpages over the years, I am now gradually transferring their contents to my e-books. The webpages that have been released as an e-book will only present a sample text on this website.

North America : USA and Canada

North America has an incredible number of extraordinary vista's and places of interest, most of them unheard of in Europe. Everyone knows the Grand Canyon of course, but there are many other canyons, unknown but splendid. The Hells Canyon in Oregon is even deeper!

map of north AmericaThe Niagara Falls are world famous, but have you ever heard of the beautiful Cumberland Falls in Somerset, or the even higher Multnomah Falls in Bonneville?

And what about the extraordinary color pallet of the Painted Desert in Arizona, the snow-white gypsum dunes of White Sands in New Mexico and the breathtaking beauty of Crater Lake, situated in an extinguished volcano? Do you know well hidden but fascinating pearls such as the exceptional Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, Prabhupada's Palace in Wheeling or the Crystal Palace in Los Angeles? Just nose through our list of points of interest!

But how does one realize such an unusual dream? When a European travel agency is asked to organize a visit to the United States, they'll almost always come up with New York, DisneyWorld, Las Vegas, and maybe even the Niagara Falls. But that is definitely IT... And Canada is simply so vast, that anyone will completely get lost without a thorough preparation.

Recreational Vehicle

There are many ways to discover the world. In the USA and Canada there exists a method that may be less well known in Europe: Full-Timing with a Recreational Vehicle.

This is a very comfortable way of "camping", even if this modern form of travel is hardly comparable with the traditional and temporary style of camping with a tent, "caravan" or camping car. However, the equipment is far more extensive.

After quite a bit of research and going through stacks of documentation we bought the perfect Recreational Vehicle (RV), and traveled all over both nations, exploring everything that the "average" tourist NEVER sees.

After eight years of exploration in our RV, we had visited 48 states and 9 Canadian provinces, and our faithful truck clocked no less than 110.000 miles!


Many of our American friends asked me to enlighten them about Belgium, and tell them about some of our Belgian wonders! Well, you probably already know about Belgian waffles, Belgian chocolates, Belgian beer (ouch...), French Fries (although every Belgian will tell you that they are in fact Belgian Fries...), the Belgian weather (even worse than Seattle...), and Belgian politics (what else is new...). So I also made a compilation of Belgium.

This website

I am gradually transferring the contents of this website to my e-books as they are being released, with full-sized photos. The webpages already released as an e-book will present a sample of each state or province. My books can be obtained from this website or e-book distributors such as,, or (partially), where however a size limit of 10 Mb exists.

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